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Saturday, 22 October 2011

William Morris Quilt

Below is a William Morris Quilt made by Ann off Alexandra, and l have just finished quilting it, l think it has turned out quite well, What do you think.
All comments welcome or am l talking to myself.
Well l had better stop this blogging as 3 posts in the one morning is a record for me.
Next time l write l will be in New Zealand,bye foe now

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Raylene Smith said...

Lovely work you was glad to get this one finished...all those blocks.....

Pat said...

looks good, Marlene.
even better than when I saw it on your machine

Jane Monk said...

Very nice indeed!

Jeanette P said...

I am a friend of Ann's and the quilt is magnificent I couldn't stop looking at it, your quilting has brought it to life. Well done to both of you. I will be in contact with you soon, hoping you can bring a few of my quilts into the land of beautiful quilts. Talk to you soon.