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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Hi again

Just wanted to show everyone 2 little projects l have been working on.

I have dicovered the joy of beading.

Just before Christmas l broke my ring finger on my right hand and so it made it difficult to hand sew, so had to find another project so decided l would give beading ago, and it didnt hurt the finger so of l went.

The hardest thing l found with beading was l didnt know when to stop, it was addictive.

I hope you like them.

Post a comment if you like them or not or am l talking to my self and as such going mad.?????

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Nicole Answer said...

They look pretty cool mum - when are you coming to collect your tree?

Redgate Quilting said...

maybe this weekend. I hope you havnt killed it

Jane Monk said...

The beading is wonderful ... what a great job you have done. You have a natural talent for it it would seem.